Suddenly I find myself lonely

I’m facing and wating. Suddenly I find myself how lonely while I bow my head looking up WhatsApp and LINE. I think it’s all because of the TED video I watched 2 days ago. Connected, but alone?

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I might forget, or say ignore the feeling deep in my heart. Although I contact only one person by these APPs. Just that one make me disappointed and feel so lone. It seems that she doesn’t has this problem I have. She uses her iPhone like life cannot go without it but throw it up floors while not want anyone disturb her. She connect with everyone not only by iPhone but catch up with them when she has time. I guess she can handle the distance between people and her.



And I ? I think it might my self colsing save me from indulge in mobile and networks these years while Bow Group become more and more.  I’m not accustomed to contact others and say things without meaning. It doesn’t matter my mobile exists or not. I didn’t notice it’s so easy to drag me through the mud. All I know were the anxiety from mobile and facebook , and now WhatApp or LINE. Even all my expection is from one person. Several times I stopped my facebook account, and often turn off my mobile. So I misunderstand myself not falling in this big stream. But the truth is, just only one person, I falled  when I start expect. And then ? Alone.



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